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9 Ways to Improve Your Training Delivery and Look Like a Pro

You\’ve just been asked to deliver a training session.  The only problem is, you\’ve never really done that before.  Or, maybe you just got hired into a training gig and aren\’t sure where to start. Certainly, you will want to get familiar with the content of whatever you are training.  In addition, there are several

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What’s It Like to Be a Corporate Trainer? A Day In The Life

If you\’ve ever thought about becoming a corporate trainer or training specialist, you may wonder what a typical day would look like.  Part of the allure of becoming a trainer is that there isn\’t really a \”typical\” day.   You might be prepping for a software skills course one day and facilitating a sales class the

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Disney Employee Training Secrets

My first job out of college was working for Walt Disney World.  I started out in Character Entertainment and, within two years, I was a trainer within the department.  I also got selected to facilitate Walt Disney World Traditions (Disney\’s new employee orientation) and thus, a career was born. Other training opportunities soon followed –

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9 Pro Tips For How To Get Experience in Corporate Training

Corporate Training is an exciting and growing field. If you have decided you are interested in becoming a corporate trainer you may be worried about your lack of experience.  It can certainly be intimidating as you begin to look at job postings.  You may even be tempted to give up on pursuing corporate training as

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8 Tips for Engaging Your Learners in a Virtual Training Session

More and more corporate training is shifting from being held in a traditional meeting room or classroom to being held online in tools like Zoom or Webex.  This was happening even before the pandemic as companies sought ways to save money on travel and other costs associated with \”in person\” training.  Now, of course, it

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How Long Should Employee Training Be?

When creating a training class, one of the first questions you might have is how long should the training be?  The short answer is…it depends.  There are many factors that can contribute to the length of your class.  Is it in person? Virtual? Self-paced? Instructor-led?  How much content is there? These are all things that

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How to Make New Employee Orientation Fun

Updated 9/2021 One of my very first training assignments was teaching new employee orientation at Walt Disney World.  That set the bar pretty high as far as fun at orientation.  Since then, I\’ve had the opportunity to help create and teach other companies\’ new employee orientations as well.  Using what I\’ve learned throughout the years,

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Five Must Read Books for Corporate Trainers

As a corporate trainer, you always need to be on your toes.  Part of that includes staying informed and working on improving your skills.  Here are five books to help you do just that! Troubleshooting for Trainers by Sophie Oberstein Telling Ain\’t Training by Harold Stolovitch Virtual Training Basics by Cindy Huggett Confessions of a Corporate Trainer by

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